1. riccmez

    Can't find out what component it is exactly

    Hello, I'm trying to simulate an AC/DC converter for a class project. Now, this was an assigned circuit there isn't much I can do about the design. There's on component that I can't quite figure out. as far as I researched I understand that it is a sort of bidirectional thyristor but don't...
  2. D

    5v ALDL 8192 Baud to esp32

    I've been working on a diagnostics program for my old diesel, I need the TX/RX pins of my esp32 to connect to the 1 wire ALDL port. I believe I've found a suitable way using the following circuit Im aware this does not include level shifting from 5v to 3v3 which I believe I just need a suitable...
  3. S

    Reverse switch for single phase, 2 cap motor

    Hello all, I am trying to get my old lathe/mill going again (the old motor seized) and have bought a new dual cap motor with a slight increase in power. Trouble being, it will need to be reversible due to the lathe needing cw rotation, the mill needs ccw rotation (or the other way around, I...