battery chargers

  1. Amir Mohammad Soltanpour

    How to limit LM2596 output current

    How can Lm2596 constant output current be limited ? How lm2596 cc cv module like in the picture control output current ?
  2. vmazsit

    Making a lamp portable with 18650

    Hey! I have a lamp which is powered by a 5V power supply and I want to upgrade it by powering it with a battery pack. The issue is I want to use the lamp while charging its batteries but as I know charging and draining at one time is impossible so I searched for simple switching circuit but I...
  3. anditechnovire

    Battery charging

    Please I have some couple of 3.6v 3Ah cylindrical li-ion battery, but since I bought them, charging it became a huge problem. I first connected a single one to a 2A infinix phone charger (made in china. According to the ratings, it capable of adjusting output current and voltage to load)thinking...