1. Khisraw

    Offsetting input voltage in PICAXE-08M2 MCU

    Hi, I am connecting a sensor to PICAXE08M2 MCU. The sensor is read in pin C.4 and when it is off is 1.8V and 5V when it is fully ON. I need to offset the 1.8V. I need to write the codes in Basic. The ADC is 8 bit and the maximum value would be 255. My codes are below. Main: Readadc C.1...
  2. nanosama95

    Simulation not working well in Proteus?

    I'm not understanding Proteus or something I'm doing wrong, and it's really basic, I put a 9v Battery, a Red Led, simple circuit and a 10k resistance, so the led shouldn't turn on right? Well, is turning on even If I set a 1000k resistance...what I'm doing wrong? I've done things in Livewire...