1. eyesee

    Tektronix TDS224 dim screen and high pitched whistling

    I'm trying to troubleshoot the above scope which has a dim screen and loud high pitched whistling when on. Would a faulty backlight cause this whistling or the drive circuitry?
  2. Alexweka

    About reflective foil in lcd screens

    Are reflective foils in lcd TV's made of aluminium, or at least are there any available tv models that uses them?
  3. dkeplar

    Casio Fx-CG20 backlight not working

    Hello everyone, as the title mentioned i own a Casio Fx Cg-20 which i use in my classes and it's backlight is not working. The screen itself is working as i can see it working with enough ambient light. The brightness setting is obviously useless here. Batteries are fresh too. Does anyone have...