automatic water pump controller

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    Determining inrush current on manufactured AC and DC Pumps

    I am using a couple pumps that are manufactured to be run from a standard wall outlet. I've learned that upon starting, both AC and DC motors can have inrush currents of several times the rated current, but I'm unsure how to determine if these pumps have any internal limiter on inrush current...
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    Simple Solar Powered Pump w/ Rechargeable Battery

    Hi Everyone, My aim is to build a simple solar powered pump with a rechargeable battery to water plants. The idea is to use a 6V 1W Solar Panel connected to a TP4056 (protected) to charge a 18650 Lithium Ion Battery. On the output is an MT3608 2A Boost Converter to step up the voltage to a...
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    Identify the ic

    Sir can u tell me the ic uses in a water pump controller. *GZF-series 1014 dedicated integration* The controller is not working now. The ic burnt. I brought it from ALI EXPRESS. THEY ARE NOT HELPING NOW.