1. Siridean

    Top Level Design help for a 'switching array'

    Hello, I was hoping to get some help/advice on a personal project I'm working on that requires quite a bit more electronic hardware involvement than I'm used to. I can manage code, computers, microcontrollers etc fine but I'm not very well educated in general electronic hardware at all besides...
  2. E

    is python supports for function array

    I want to use function array just like we use it in c/c++ in python. i have used it in c/c++ but I am new to python. I searched but I didn't find anything like that. I mean if I pass index to the array as a 0 then function saved at 0 should get executed and if I pass 1 then function at 1 will...
  3. GrampsFish

    Sensor(s) to determine if plastic pickleball has hit target

    I made a 4' wide x 3' tall plywood practice wall, and drew an 18" wide x 10" target on the plywood. I would like to make some sort of sensor array that would be positioned about 1.5" off the plywood playing surface and sound a chime each time the 2.75" diameter plastic pickle ball tripped one...