1. N

    Nodal Analysis Question Incorrect

    Much like my last thread, I have another homework problem in which I must solve for a current value using nodal analysis. I've attempted the problem using some techniques to visualize the circuit from the last forum post and felt confident in my answer, however it is again incorrect and I'm not...
  2. K

    Looking for help for circuit analysis. Troubleshooting a DBX 1066 compressor/gate/limiter

    Hi everybody! Hope you're good! :) I'm strugglin since some days on that nice muscial tool. I've replaced some faulty switches. Replaced them with new one from Mouser. Sadly I've managed to hurt some VIAS connecting both side of the board. Luckilly enough this is just 2 layer board (top/bottom)...
  3. csstudent

    Finding voltage source on circuit

    Hello, I've been having difficulty dealting with circuit analysis. Here, for example, I'm given the task to find the voltage on Vs. But I fail short half-way through. Also, I don't understand how to deal with negative voltages and/or currents, and would appreciate help! My attempt at solving...