1. A

    AD630 Lock-in Module Resistor Experiment Troubleshooting

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to use this board as an analog lock-in amplifier; however, I'm running into some difficulties due to a lack of any documentation on the use of this device in lock-in experiments, save for PhysicsOpenLab blog post that performs the experiment I'm trying to replicate...
  2. cikalekli

    Thevenin's theorem BJT derivation

    Here, I want to use Thevenin with those 2 resistors in the base. How can I combine those two resistors with thevenin or do you have any other better idea to combine them? (circled with red in the picture) (PS: I don't ask the solution of the question. I'm only asking individually the...
  3. cikalekli

    Input & Output Impedances of Common Emitter BJT Amplifier

    I want to study about "finding Input & Output Impedances of Common Emitter BJT Amplifier" However, I could not find a decent source & document about it. Could someone supply me with some documents for that. Then that would be gorgeous for my study. Thanks :)
  4. cikalekli

    BJT Common Emitter Large and Small Signal Research

    Hi, I want to study about BJT Common Emitter Large (or bias) and Small Amplifier Circuits. My question is I could not find a decent sufficient resource neither from youtube nor from google. :( I want to study about those common emitter large & small signal models, analysis, ac gain, input &...
  5. F

    Choice of error amplifier for LDO

    Hi There! I am, for several reasons about building a adjustable LDO. Some of the specifications are: - min input voltage 4.4V - max output voltage 3.6V - 500mV dropout, due to sense resistor - wide current output range - at least 20kHz bandwidth @ 10uA load, ideally 100kHz Pass element shall...