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    Why is the frequency response of this amplifier i made in LTSpice different from the original source?

    So here is what i'm trying to do, same circuit same value. Here's what i got in LTSpice: The frequency response is different with the same values for the components. How? If i dont want to center the output signal at ground can i ignore the RC circuit in the first pic (C4 and R6) or...
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    Determining Amplifier Input Power

    Hi All, I am trying to setup my Sony N500 Xplod Car Amplifier in home environment. I have presently a 20A fuse placed in a 25A socket of the Amplifier. Its input is 12V. So I believe a SMPS of 25A 12V will suffice its working. I am intending to change the 20A fuse to 25A as well to support...
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    Simple non inverting op-amp circuit to amplify mic sound don't work

    Hi all Considering this simple circuit When I connect it as shown the sound became amplified for 2 seconds then it stops. So I have to connect the jack to pin 3 instead of pin 1 .. how to fix this Thanks a lot.
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    Novistar professional speaker [450W] - DOUBLEBOOST 951534

    Hello community ! I have recovered a big amplified speaker with a fuse problem. What i know it's that the owner turned up the volume to maximum and the speaker stop working. The fuse was dead, so I replaced it with the same kind of fuse (100-240V~ 1.6A 50/60Hz), when I switch on the speaker...