1. dl324

    [promo ended] Good price for Wanptek 30V/6A power supply at AliExpress.

    I didn't need one, but it came up on my "coins" page and I couldn't pass up the deal. $9.01 in discounts, reducing the price to less than $33. I paid closer to $40 for the other 2 I purchased. I don't remember purchasing from this seller before. In the past, I've ordered low priced power...
  2. Nikson420

    Wholesale, Good price??? or scam?

    Just found this on ali they said its wholesale action and they are in hurry to sell them all. Its that normal price or its really cheap? Please check - https://.aliexpress.com/e/_DBQRbZt I need around 100pcs. Any suggestions is welcome. Thanks!