1. anjarosz

    Soft start using triac

    Hi everyone, I want to develop a soft start system for the receiver. In real system, it is a power supply in the laboratory with a variable resistance value - hence programming the resistance R3 as a variable value determined by the voltage source. The system to perform a soft start for the...
  2. N

    Are Cross-wind compensation and Road crown compensation functions inputs to LKA function?

    Please consider Active Steering Assist Electronic Control Unit (Steering ECU) used in a commercial truck. It has Lane Keep Assist (LKA) function, Cross-wind compensation, and Road crown compensation. This ECU is composed of a camera input, and driver outputs to control the torque overlay...
  3. Umar19

    How to Equalize 2 columns I & Q data of the 16 QAM constellation?

    I need help regarding the I & Q data which I extracted from VPI simulation software. The data is for 16 QAM constellation which is distorted by chromatic dispersion. The data is in 2 columns and have 512 rows. I loaded my Tx and distorted Rx data extracted from VPI simulation software in to LMS...