1. D

    HELP! RFI causing analogue instrument deflection

    Help! I have been pulling my hair out trying to find the root cause of this inference. any Avionics techs in this forum? This system is 24vdc Aircraft radio The Situation I currently have two resistive based instruments that deflect when radio is keyed. I have determined RFI is coming from...
  2. Rahulk70

    Can a regular multimeter measure voltages in 400hz range?

    Hi, I’m building a test bench for some aircraft instruments and I was testing a Bendix 1964771-3 inverter(24 VDC) brought from eBay. The inverter should have outputs of 129VAC @ 370Hz @ 12VAC/18VAC @ 1110 Hz. The inverter was marked as untested but removed working from an aircraft I was told...
  3. Frequently.Modulated

    Does the Bombardier/DHC Q400 Auxiliary Power Unit Include a DC Generator? If it does, what kind of winding does it use?

    Good day! I am currently writing a short report on DC machines and I intended to use the generator onboard the Bombardier/DHC Dash 8 Q400's Auxiliary Power Unit as a focal topic. Upon searching through several documentation (both from Bombardier themselves and some airlines like AirBaltic) I...