1. Jack Burton

    From high voltage to differential ADC

    Good Morning everyone. I'm using an ADC from Linear Tecnology, LTC2344-16 , and i have to measure an isolated voltage throug an analog isolator TLP7820 and a FDA,like in figure below: I draw the schematic with the goal to be "multi-purpose" so the input voltage divider can be configure as...
  2. Khisraw

    Using AN3 on PIC12F1571

    Hi all, I am trying to program the PIC12F1571. It has 4 channel ADC but I can only enable the AN1. The rest just doesn't work. Even using CCG which you can enable the physical pins, you can not enable any of the other channels. Does anyone else have come across such an issue? Every video on...
  3. spacejedigundam

    Did someone know how to make this SAR ADC 5 to 4 digital error correction circuit

    DEC1 is similar to half adder , b<K> is number of the SAR output code ,DEC2 is like binary caculator keep carry , but how to do this circuit ?
  4. spacejedigundam

    How 10bit SAR ADC achieves 12bit resolution

    I want to do a 10bit ADC , but after run FFT , the enob result will achieve 12bit , is this possible ? how to do that ? sorry for my poor English , your answer can help me a lots , kowtow , thanks your holy reply , Thank you so much brother
  5. bmildh

    ADC Burst Mode in LPC17xx

    Hello! I'm trying to get ADC Burst activated on an LPC1758 MCU. The manual is short, and I'm not sure I understand It. If anyone could shed some light on this, It would be most appreciated. Burst Mode would mean that I could select multiple channels, and the ADC would continuously do...
  6. H

    AC/DC bidirectional battery charger/discharger Firmware/Hardware simulation

    Hi, My project diagram is similar to this idea, Lets say input is 3p 380VAC, 60Hz, Main Transformer MTR runs at 20kHz, DC output should be 50-147 v, charging current 100A. Should have CC and CV mode of operation. I need to implement FW with following facilities, 1. Shunt/ Temperature...
  7. Mousivandhossein

    Problem with multi channel adc

    Hi, I want to use channel 3 and the internal temperature sensor of stm32f051. I read the reference manual of the micro and I tried to use it, but unfortunately, my code does not work. Please help me. Thanks and Best Regards, The code: #include <stm32f0xx.h> short ADC_Result[2]={0,0}; char...
  8. M

    Measure analog value in MCC

    Hello, my name is Niklas and I just have a problem with the analog measurement of a value. I use a PIC 16F1827 and program in MCC. I would like to perform a current measurement via an ACS712. My first problem is that I need to measure about 300 mA. Therefore I have to change Vref+ and Vref- of...