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    3 phase motor emergency stop

    Hey, I am working on a project that requires a 3 phase AC motor using a speed controller that has a 1 phase input and a 3 phase output. I am trying to wire an emergency button that will stop it immediately or quickly as possible. Do yall have any suggestions on parts or wiring diagrams? thanks.
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    Using solid state relay in high load applications

    What are the potential risks in using a solid state relay for a load between 10-20A? I've found HP rated SSR's with a surge current graph that I believes fits the characteristic of the inrush current of an AC or DC motor, but I also read that the peak current of the motor must be half the...
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    Understanding active inrush current limiter

    I came across this device and was interested in understanding its functionality, https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/MEAN-WELL/ICL-16R?qs=vLWxofP3U2wgD7jPA%2Bx9JQ== Could something like this work with an AC motor that has extremely high inrush current? I wasn't sure what the datasheet meant by...
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    110AC motor driver using arduino.

    Hello everyone, I am working on a project and don't know where to start. I worked with DC motors before but I haven't worked with AC motors, and I don't have much experience with 110VAC as well. What I have is a motor with 2 sensors. The sensors are used as end of travel switches. I already...