3d printing vendors

  1. Ya’akov

    Getting to know the Bambu Lab X1 Carbon

    Well, I’ve had the Bambu Lab X1 Carbon for a little while now, and I’ve been working on understanding it’s strengths and limitations, as well as how to optimize prints for speed and quality as needed. Bambu Lab X1 Carbon with AMS So far, I am very happy with the printer. It fits the role I...
  2. djsfantasi

    Penguin: 3D Printing Applicability/Issues

    I feared this... I was going to 3D print parts for my penguin. Basically plates. I was going to print a 0.1” surface, backed by a 0.06” diamond grid for strength. I’m not sure of the type of plastic. I forget, but it’s in my online project file. The plate’s outer diameter are subjected to the...