1. MacaroniLeader

    Can you share common neutral with different voltage system?

    I have 3 AC to DC transformers powered by same breaker AC breaker: 1. 120ac to 48v dc 2. 120ac to 24v dc 3. 120ac to 12v dc 4. 12v dc to 9v dc step down to power Arduino 5. 5v dc sensor system powered by Arduino board and ground from Arduino board Is it possible to have one neutral/ground bar...
  2. S

    Connect RPI3 B+ to drive 24V Relay that Drives AC Resitive load

    Hi, Question: How do I drive a 1A/24V relay which switches an AC resistive load ? Attached: My block diagram with detailed pns of components Flow/Notes/Issues/: 1)I cannot change the 24V EM relay pn, it is fixed, everything else is flexible...
  3. NooBinProgress12

    Making a 110 channel input, Voltage sniffer, from scratch. Advice appericiated!

    Hello Everyone, my name is Fredrik. I am new to this forum, and I want to ask you guys about a project I am working on atm. I plan on making a test tool (or voltage sniffer) for monitoring voltage on multiple signals at once. The ECU I will be monitoring has up to 110 different inputs. My first...