1. U

    One-layer vs two-layer PCB question

    Hello i am an amateur maker and i have been using gerber files attached to print my pcbs from chine where they charge the same for 1 or 2 layer pcbs but now my suplayer is charging more for 2 layer . As far as i can see the bottom layer is not necessary but i am not sure so if anybody here can...
  2. kowshik1729

    RF design with 2 layer stackup- possible?

    Hey all, I recently started designing RF PCB's and as a beginner, I stuck to the traditional 4 layers stack up for the RF boards (1-RF layer, 2-GND, 3-VCC, 4-Signal). But I am curious to know whether it is possible to design RF PCB's without compromising its performance with 2 layers. This...