12v power supply

  1. O

    Arduino Based Automatic Fan Speed controller using LM35 temperature sensor

    This project is a temperature monitoring and fan control system. It uses an LM35 temperature sensor to measure the ambient temperature, and an Arduino microcontroller to read the sensor data and control three 12V fans. The system has three LEDs that light up in different colors depending on the...
  2. J

    RZ12A V3 portable speaker not charging correctly and sounding distorted

    I am trying to figure out why this portable speaker is sounding distorted even when plugged into the wall. My initial feeling is that its related to the 12v charging circuit but I may be wrong. The speaker was sitting from 2017 in a box and I opened it a few months ago. I tested it and straight...
  3. Vish Ram

    SMPS Current Regulation

    Hi Experts, I've SMPS (AC to DC) which gives output of 12V, 20A, 240W, & I've to attach Peltier device (TEC1 12706) with SMPS, but Confusion is Peltier have max. Current rating as 6A, but SMPS is giving 20A, So how to limit o/p of SMPS to 6A, so it wont damage Peltier, how current regulation...
  4. Jorne

    input resistance of transformer based power supply

    When I measured the input resistance of some 230V AC to 12V DC transformer based power adapters, I got around 400 ohms. Isn't this quite high for the resistance of the primary winding? I expected no more than 100 ohms. The adapters are low power though (output power< 10W). (Background story: I...
  5. Selvedin

    12v power supply keeps blowing fuse

    Yo guys, recently I bought the "Anhtczyx intelligent car battery charger". I connected it to a battery and tried the repair function. It worked only about 2 hours then it stops. I opened the device and realized that the fuse and the thermistor were blown. So I desolder them and solder new ones...