1. S

    Adding Potentiometer to Fan (consumer product)

    Hello, I have a sleeping sound machine that uses a Fan to create white noise. It has a 3 position Switch, "off", "high speed", and "low speed". Essentially, these settings are either too loud or too quiet. I would like to remove the 3 setting Switch and replace it with a Potentiometer to...
  2. Gallant74

    Circuit diagram, DIY keezer build

    Can someone help me build a circuit that is connected to a 115vac 60hz fridge compressor that runs ITC-1000f temp controller, i want to power a circuit properly with out killing the equipment I am willing to purchase any Amazon part! I have LM338t voltage regulators, I am inclined to install but...
  3. I

    Tying Triacs together

    Will there be a problem with tying the output of two triac based devices together that trigger independently? I want two motion detectors to trigger the same lights. They will both be feed from the same circuit breaker and will be the same model of motion detector, so the triacs should be the...