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    here's the condensed version...I started out as a diesel mechanic after two years of Vocational school after high school for the next 15-20 years. Then I happen upon a job working on RV generators that lead to working on larger commercial generators up to 2MW. I was laid of as a result of a corporate buy out along the way after changing jobs to chase the $$$. I then went back to a Local Community College in the Electrical/Electronics program for two years. I finished all the core classes but lack Math, English and the like to have an Electrical Engineering degree. That's where I started "playing" with electronics. When I find something I want to make work like I think I can, I try to make it happen. I'm a "picker" and "scavenger" by nature, I like to build things from "junk" that I can use for the purposes I need it for. I have the attitude, "there's nothing I can't build or do, I just have to figure out a way to make it happen." I'll help a stranger as fast as I'll help a friend. I won't give a beggar a dime, but I'll give them the opportunity to earn it. I'll give a person the shirt off my back if they NEED it, by the same token I'll choke a thief to death with it if he tries to steal it. I have ZERO tolerance for a thief or a liar.

    After going through a divorce, two parachute malfunctions, having a door knob in my hand when the roof takes of in the middle of a tornado and having my shop destroyed twice, once by a tornado and then a fire....there's not a lot that I'm scared of or that bothers me.

    I like learning new things. I have a few tools in my shop I'm getting back in order to use, like a BP mill and metal lathe, plasma cutter and few other "toys." I just like building things and seeing them work.