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This is a experimental area for a cookbook. Comments are welcome on this thread. Rules: 1. All circuits should be verified, either personally or elsewhere on the net. These circuits must work. Links to sources in the captions is recommended. 2. Any circuit that has a credible challenge will be removed or modified. For this reason it is highly recommended no direct links to an image is made on the forums, they should be reposted in a forum post as an attachment. 3. All entries must have a caption or a link in the caption to a web location with a description, and there must be a descriptive title in the caption. A parts list is also required, although it can be part of the designations or in the link. 4. Redrawn schematics are acceptable, as are legible scanned pictures of schematics. Legibility and accuracy is a must. 5. If entries are suggested by non invited members they should be made in the Projects Collection forum. 6. I am the arbiter of what is acceptable. If a entry is challenged it will be discussed in the General Electronics Chat or The Projects Forum, not the Feedback and Suggestions.