What are the benefits of automation testing?

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With the advancement in mobile eco-space and technology, it became challenging for organizations to maintain the quality of the applications. Testing is one of the most significant critical activities which are often neglected by the organizations. This thing leads the organizations to go on the roads of the failure. The major reason for the increase in the cost of the testing procedures is poor testing strategies. So, it is advisable to the organizations that they don’t have to underestimate the testing procedures. This is an essential part of the software development life cycle.

The main purpose of conducting various automated tests is to determine the speed and performance of the application. If still, you do not believe in the concepts, then you have to go through the below-stated benefits of the automated testing.

Fast feedback

Automation testing comes with a system which helps the developers and test engineers to know various factors of the application. Automation testing helps to enhance the coordination between the coders, designers, product owners and rectifies the potential errors without any delay. It helps the testing manager to increase the efficiency of the testing team.

Saves time

Writing code in the phases of manual testing is a very hectic process. This became more irritating when the testers have to write long scripts while doing testing processes. With the time-consuming process of the manual testing leads the late delivery and may be an inefficient application. But with the help of automation testing tools, you don’t need to write long scripts, and the testing processes will take less time to produce testing reports.

Early bug detection

With the help of automation testing, the test engineer will be capable of detecting the bugs in the early stages of the testing. While in the manual testing processes most of the times, you will deliver the applications with the bugs. So, overall, with the help of automation testing, you will be able to deliver the application on the right time and with appropriate efficiency as well as flexibility.

Re-usability of scripts

Automation testing makes the tester’s lives easy. The scripts of the automation testing can be reusable; this means you don’t need to make the scripts again and again like manual testing. These scripts can be usable in the various kinds of environments like change in OS, change in testing tools, change in devices etc. The test processes and scripts will be recorded in the way to repeat the test procedures again and again without skipping any step.

Anytime and Anywhere

Automation testing allows test engineers to conduct the tests 24/7. If the test engineer is not present in the office or has to leave early, then, he can easily make a schedule to test later and leave the office. The tools will conduct the tests automatically, and the test report will be ready on the next day whenever the test engineer will log on into the system and tool.

Distributed test execution

Automation testing decreases the complexities with the distributed test execution capabilities. It helps the test engineers to use more than one computer to run the test scripts. So, you have to prefer the test automation tool instead of various manual devices, software and other resources.

Simple reporting

You can track the test scripts with the help of automation testing. Visible logs hold the results of the test scripts in the visual form. The final report will show the number of test cases and test scripts used during the testing process. They will also show the various times of executed and scheduled test scripts. The reports will be fully understandable and simple. Also, every level of the organization from CEO to designers can grab the details of the testing reports easily and clearly.

Testing capabilities

Automation testing processes helps to enhance the capabilities of the test engineers. If you are testing the mobile application, then you need to test the application in different environments like operating systems versions, different screen sizes etc. And again if you are doing this with the manual testing, then you need the physical devices and OS versions to test the applications. But automation testing tools simulate the environment and test the application in different environments without their physical presence.

Wider test coverage

Automation testing tools can easily execute various numbers of test cases. Automation testing provides a wide range of test coverage as compared to manual testing. Automation testing tools are capable of running tests on thousands of computers with different environments. Everything will happen inside the tool with the real-time simulation of the system environments. You just need to provide the file contents, database tables, memory contents and internal programs states as the input to the system.

Return on investment

One of the most significant advantages of automation testing is the return on investment. It is the duty of the organization to calculate the returns they will get on the investment in any project. Automation testing ensures the increment in the return on investment with its ability to test the application faster, produce error-free results, and take less manual efforts. If an enterprise is using automation testing tools, then they will defiantly earn more and grow more.


To prefer automation testing does not mean that you can sit lay back, and the tool will do everything. The tool is just a medium to execute thing perfectly and frequently, but everything depends upon the inputs given by the test engineers and developers. So, you have to make sure that all the inputs should be of good quality and also complete. Also, besides helping is saving time and efforts, automation testing adds so many additional features in the application during the software lifecycle. Today there are so many new methodologies that are trending in the industry like Agile testing and DevOps. It is advised to use licensed or renowned testing tools to perform automation testing to obtain the best results.

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