Serial Standards, Oscilloscope Bandwidth and You

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Quite often the question arises what oscilloscope bandwidth is required to probe a certain bus or serial interface, so in a moment of boredom I assembled the following table from various sources.

Serial Standard Bit Rate Minimum Bandwidth req'd (Decode) Minimum Bandwidth req'd (Signal Integrity)
UART/USART/RS232/RS422 115kbps <25MHz <25MHz
I2C 3.2Mbps <50MHz <50MHz
FlexRay 10Mbps 70MHz 150MHz
MIL-STD 1553B 1Mbps 100MHz 250MHz
SPI up to 100Mbps 150MHz 250MHz
Ethernet 100BT 125Mbps 300MHz 500MHz
Ethernet 250Mbps 600MHz 1GHz
Fibre Channel 50MB/s 531.25Mbps 700MHz 1.5GHz
USB2 Super-Speed 480Mbps 800MHz 2GHz
IEEE1394b Firewire 800 786.43Mbps 1.2GHz 2GHz
RapidIO LP-LVDS 1Gbps 1.5GHz 2.5GHz
Fibre Channel 1GFC 1.0625Gbps 1.5GHz 2.5GHz
DDR2-800 800MTps 2GHz 3.5GHz
Ethernet 1000BT 1.25Gbps 2GHz 3.5GHz
IOF 1.24416Gbps 2GHz 3.5GHz
RapidIO LP-LVDS 1.25Gbps 2.2GHz 3.5GHz
RapidIO LP-LVDS 1.5Gbps 2.7GHz 4GHz
SATA (SATA150) 1.5Gbps 3GHz 4GHz
IEEE1394b Firewire 1600 1.5729Gbps 3GHz 4GHz
DVI 1.65Gbps 3GHz 4GHz
HDMI 1.2a 1.65Gbps 3.2GHz 4GHz
RapidIO LP-LVDS 2Gbps/2.5Gbps 4.2GHz 6GHz
PCI Express 1.x 2.5Gbps 4.2GHz 6GHz
DDR3-1600 1.6GTps 6.5GHz 8GHz
ExpressCard 2.5Gbps 6.5GHz 8GHz
InfiniBand 2.5Gbps 7GHz 8GHz
RapidIO LP-LVDS 3.125Gbps 7GHz 8GHz
DisplayPort 1.1 2.7Gbps 7GHz 8GHz
HyperTransport 2.0 2.8Gbps 7GHz 8GHz
SAS 1.0/1.1 3Gbps 7GHz 8GHz
SGMII 3.125Gbps 7GHz 8GHz
XAUI 3.125Gbps 7GHz 8GHz
Firewire 3.2Gbps 7GHz 8GHz
DDR4 4GTps 8GHz 10GHz
HDMI 1.3b 3.4Gbps 8GHz 10GHz
SATA2 (SATA300) 3Gbps 10GHz
Fibre Channel 4GFC 4.25Gbps 13GHz
Serial RapidIO 4.25Gbps/5Gbps 13GHz
InfiniBand 5Gbps 13GHz
PCI Express Gen2 5Gbps 13GHz
PCI Express Gen3 8Gbps 13GHz
HyperTransport 3.0 5.2Gbps 13GHz
USB 3.0 5Gbps 13GHz
DisplayPort 1.2 5.4Gbps 16GHz
GDDR5 6Gbps 16GHz
SAS2 6Gbps 16GHz
SATA3 (SATA600) 6Gbps 16GHz
Serial RapidIO 6.25Gbps 16GHz
HyperTransport 3.1 6.4Gbps 16GHz
QPI 6.4Gbps 16GHz
10GBT 10.3125Gbps 20GHz
SFI/SFP+ 10.3125Gbps 20GHz
CEI-11 11Gbps 25GHz
SAS3 12Gbps 25GHz
InfiniBand 25.78125Gbps 50GHz
CEI-25/28 25Gbps/28Gbps 60GHz

Please keep in mind that this list shows the bandwidth required to examine the signal integrity. Decoding often works with less bandwidth, although it may be unreliable/erroneous as with insufficient bandwidth the waveform on the screen will miss high frequency components which may cause distortion.

I'll try to update the table from time to time.
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