How to Overcome Difficulties While Experimenting in Science Labs

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Science is a subject which involves finding answers to questions based on a pattern. There are many practical difficulties in doing experiments in labs and students need to equip themselves with knowledge and analytical abilities for lab classes.

Lack of prior preparation
When students enter the labs, they should have prior knowledge of what they are going to do in the lab for the day. Checking class notes, reviewing the pattern of experiments, the relevance of the experiment to the theoretical concept should be well settled in the minds of students. Otherwise they find their lab classes overwhelming and beyond their reach.

Analyzing data
Knowledge of Statistics in analyzing the data for results is necessary and many falter without adequate knowledge in the field. Theoretical knowledge of Statistics and Calculus may not work wonders in labs and students need to apply their knowledge practically to fix the uncertainties in the results.

Inability to communicate scientific ideas
Students find it difficult to communicate scientific ideas with relevant terms and most of them do not have adequate writing skills as well. Expressing their findings in good language with appropriate scientific terms is essential for proper lab work. Students also need oral skills to explain their findings without difficulty.

Step by step approach in experimentation
Questioning the scientific concepts and finding answers for them is the root of scientific patterns which are tested in labs. Students' abstract thinking is concretized through practical experiments for relating theory and experiment. Students need to exercise their brain to question a concept and find out its answer through step by step approach and analysis.
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Lab work is an essential part of Science learning. Many students struggle in lab classes due to inadequate knowledge and preparation. They also lack in organizing the numerical data and applying their statistical knowledge to the findings in the results. Many lack in step by step approach to the experiment without understanding the fundamental concept in the relevant theory part.

In all these cases, lab instructors have a major responsibility to play with their instructions, guidance and help so as to make students understand their role in lab work. Instructors could teach students how to organize their numerical data, how to question a concept, how to approach an experiment step by step and thus prove themselves as a major resource for students in labs. Online tutors also help students to a great degree in this context.
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