Rechargeable circuit 9.6v nimh 8 batteries in series

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    Hi, I'm working on a fun project to build a custom battery charger. Here's my specs below.
    it has to charge 8 x 1.2v aaa rechargeable battery nimh in series = 9.6v
    currently i'm using a 12v generic charger.
    I found this schematic (attached picture) and got it to work but someone told me that the circuit I have is just a voltage regular, it doesn't monitor the current level and this circuit can over charge the batteries? I was wondering if there's anyway to improve on this schematic and not over charge the batteries to cause a fire or something. I read somewhere that I can buy this chip LT1513CR for my purpose since I'm using 8 batteries in series, but I want to build my own circuit and play around with it. Anyway to improve my circuit to do things similar to the LT1513CR chip? Can someone please help?

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    The circuit you posted is for Sealed Lead Acid Batteries; not for NiMH or NiCds. NiMh is one of hardest batteries to charge because there is not a reliable end-of-charge indication, except a possibly a temperature rise. Most commercial appliances that use NiMh embed a thermistor in the pack, and the charger shuts down when the battery begins heating.

    Read about NiMh charging algorithms here.
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