PWM inverter matlab code/simulink

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    Apr 17, 2012
    hi everyone,
    I need the matlab code or simulink for a 3-phase PWM inverter i found exactly what I need here
    ( ) but it doesnt work correctly i get some error in the code and the simulink is also not working correct ( or at least i dont know how it works). It would be very nice if someone could help me with it.
    thank you very much!
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    Oct 10, 2011
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    how about some details? for example what error? where?
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    Apr 17, 2012
    Well if i implement the code i get the error that (Vi ) is undifiend
    Have u tried the code? Is it working with u?
    Sorry for bothering you
    Thanks again
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    Apr 17, 2012
    This is the code : if its working with u guys tell me plz :) % Input data Vdc= 400; % DC-link voltage Lf= 800e-6;% Inductance for output filter Cf= 400e-6; % Capacitance for output filter Lload = 2e-3; %Load inductance Rload= 5; % Load resistance f= 60; % Fundamental frequency fz = 3e3; % Switching frequency m= 0.8; % Modulation index % Coefficients for State-Space Model A=[zeros(3,3) eye(3)/(3*Cf) -eye(3)/(3*Cf) -eye(3)/Lf zeros(3,3) zeros(3,3) eye(3,3)/Lload zeros(3,3) -eye(3)*Rload/Lload]; % system matrix B=[zeros(3,3) eye(3)/Lf zeros(3,3)]; % coefficient for the control variable u C=[eye(9)]; % coefficient for the output y D=[zeros(9,3)]; % coefficient for the output y Ks = 1/3*[-1 0 1; 1 -1 0; 0 1 -1]; % Conversion matrix to transform [iiAB iiBC iiCA] to [iiA iiB iiC] ​
    A.2 Matlab Code for Plotting the Simulation Results​
    % Written by Jin Woo Jung % Date: 02/20/05 % ECE743, Simulation Project #1 (Sine-PWM) % Matlab program for plotting Simulation Results % using Simulink ViAB = Vi(:,1); ViBC = Vi(:,2); ViCA = Vi(:,3); VLAB= VL(:,1); VLBC= VL(:,2); VLCA= VL(:,3); iiA= IiABC(:,1); iiB= IiABC(:,2); iiC= IiABC(:,3); iLA= ILABC(:,1); iLB= ILABC(:,2); iLC= ILABC(:,3); figure(1) subplot(3,1,1) plot(t,ViAB) axis([0.9 1 -500 500]) ylabel('V_i_A_B [V]') title('Inverter output line to line voltages (V_i_A_B, V_i_B_C, V_i_C_A)') grid subplot(3,1,2) plot(t,ViBC) axis([0.9 1 -500 500]) ylabel('V_i_B_C [V]') grid subplot(3,1,3) plot(t,ViCA) axis([0.9 1 -500 500]) ylabel('V_i_C_A [V]') xlabel('Time [Sec]') grid figure(2) subplot(3,1,1) plot(t,iiA) axis([0.9 1 -100 100]) ylabel('i_i_A [A]') title('Inverter output currents (i_i_A, i_i_B, i_i_C)') grid subplot(3,1,2) plot(t,iiB) axis([0.9 1 -100 100]) ylabel('i_i_B [A]') grid subplot(3,1,3) plot(t,iiC) axis([0.9 1 -100 100]) ylabel('i_i_C [A]') xlabel('Time [Sec]') grid figure(3) subplot(3,1,1) plot(t,VLAB) axis([0.9 1 -400 400]) ylabel('V_L_A_B [V]') title('Load line to line voltages (V_L_A_B, V_L_B_C, V_L_C_A)') grid subplot(3,1,2) plot(t,VLBC) axis([0.9 1 -400 400]) ylabel('V_L_B_C [V]') grid subplot(3,1,3) plot(t,VLCA) axis([0.9 1 -400 400]) ylabel('V_L_C_A [V]') xlabel('Time [Sec]') grid figure(4) subplot(3,1,1) plot(t,iLA) axis([0.9 1 -50 50]) ylabel('i_L_A [A]') title('Load phase currents (i_L_A, i_L_B, i_L_C)') grid subplot(3,1,2) plot(t,iLB) axis([0.9 1 -50 50]) ylabel('i_L_B [A]') grid subplot(3,1,3) plot(t,iLC) axis([0.9 1 -50 50]) ylabel('i_L_C [A]') xlabel('Time [Sec]') grid figure(5) subplot(4,1,1) plot(t,ViAB) axis([0.9 1 -500 500]) ylabel('V_i_A_B [V]') grid subplot(4,1,2) plot(t,iiA,'-', t,iiB,'-.',t,iiC,':') axis([0.9 1 -100 100]) ylabel('i_i_A, i_i_B, i_i_C [A]') legend('i_i_A', 'i_i_B', 'i_i_C') grid subplot(4,1,3) plot(t,VLAB,'-', t,VLBC,'-.',t,VLCA,':') axis([0.9 1 -400 400]) ylabel('V_L_A_B, V_L_B_C, V_L_C_A [V]') legend('V_L_A_B', 'V_L_B_C', 'V_L_C_A') grid subplot(4,1,4) plot(t,iLA,'-', t,iLB,'-.',t,iLC,':') axis([0.9 1 -50 50]) ylabel('i_L_A, i_L_B, i_L_C [A]') legend('i_L_A', 'i_L_B', 'i_L_C') xlabel('Time [Sec]') grid %For only Sine PWM figure(6) subplot(4,1,1) plot(t,Vtri,'-', t,Vsin,'-.') axis([0.9 0.917 -1.5 1.5]) ylabel('V_t_r_i, V_s_i_n [V]') legend('V_t_r_i', 'V_s_i_n') title('V_t_r_i and V_s_i_n') grid subplot(4,1,2) plot(t,ViAn) axis([0.9 0.917 -500 500]) ylabel('V_i_A_n [V]') grid subplot(4,1,3) plot(t,Vtri,'-', t,Vsin,'-.') axis([0.9 0.909 -1.5 1.5]) ylabel('V_t_r_i, V_s_i_n [V]') legend('V_t_r_i', 'V_s_i_n') grid subplot(4,1,4) plot(t,ViAn) axis([0.9 0.909 -500 500]) ylabel('V_i_A_n [V]') xlabel('Time [Sec]')​
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