Moving Matter Through Matter.

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    Mar 3, 2013
    Moving Matter through how could we do this? I have an idea.

    When my finger hits a key as I am typing this Finger tips never actually touch the key's as the Electron Orbiyal Fields which orbit the Atomic Nucleus' in both my finger tips and key board repell each other and thus the actual Protons and Neutrons in both as well as the actual Electrons which are a Quantum Particle/Wave Form...never physically touch. Thus...any kinetic transfer from these actions is the result of the interaction of Quantum Fields...and for that matter FORCE can be defined as AN INTERACTION OF QUANTUM FIELDS.

    Although Gravity is called the Weak is NOT a FORCE at all but rather an EFFECT created by the EXPRESSION OF ONE DIMENSIONALITY which is Space/Time Geometry.

    Since GRAVITY cannot be defined as an Interaction of Quantum Fields...IT IS NOT A FORCE...but has been labeled as one as it is MUCH easier for the average person to view it as such.

    Now...since there is MUCH MORE empty SPACE/TIME between the Atoms in my Hand and the Table my computer rests upon...and the Quantum Fields present that surround the Atomic Nucleus' prevent my hand from passing through the table given without these fields there is so much Space/Time between the Atomic Nucleus' hand would just pass right through without them....might there not be a way to reallign the Quantum Fields in a manner that an Atoms Electron Field so realligned as well as possible Particle Spin being realligned to allow the Quantum Fields repulsion of both my Hand and Tables Atomic Nucleus' to not effect or encounter one another? is all about allowing my Hands Quantum Fields to be where my Tables Quantum Fields are not.

    I have an idea how to do this but I would like to hear others ideas especially about change of spin, Field Alignment....and approx. Ratio of Distances between the Electron Orbital Field of say a Carbon Atom and it's Nucleus.

    Split Infinity
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    Feb 19, 2009
    Neutrinos pass through planets.

    Unsure what you are asking about.

    Trying to apply quantum interpretations to things that can be seen and touched doesn't work. Those equations can be used to describe why some effects happen, but they don't mean they are universally possible.

    This is a huge mistake people playing around and having faith in pseudo-science make. Along with many other things you've brought up as topics.
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    Mar 3, 2013
    I do not state that this is possible...I only ask how it could be possible.
    As far as what I have brought up in my topics. I will theorize, specify, present logic...use examples...but to my knowledge...I have not stated that a concept or theory presented is a FACT.

    If I was to ONLY post topics about things that we knew were concrete facts...then this would be a very dull board indeed.

    I would also ask you to consider that what you have been taught or believe to be a fact...may simply be either part of a greater picture or just a condition that exists because of a greater reality and although maybe explained in certain rules of physics...may be created by a process completely unrelated to what we believe and it's reality just a coincidence.

    Because of my experiences and sometimes...JOB...I KNOW that a vast amount of our deducted reasons and specific conclusions about our Universal Reality exists due to a quirk of association. Unfortunately...once something is observed and experimentation is brought to bear in which results are always the same...we make a determination of proof and label that thing a REALITY.

    Imagine the surprise of many when such tried and true cornerstones of proven reality are found out to be just...coincidence.
    Split Infinity
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    Mar 3, 2013
    Reguardless if our Universal Reality exists in 10, 11 or more Dimensional States or is part of a Multiversal our Universal Reality and Space/Time...each dimensional state is associated or governed to an extent by all other dimensional states. Proof for this could be represented by the existence and effect of Gravity.

    Gravity being as far as we can Expression of One Dimensionalitys effect upon and within at least our Universal Space/Time Geometry...shows us how a One Dimensional State...which would be a singularity...and on a Univeral Scale being one single point of geometric determination either being or connective to every other possible geometric point of position in that Univeral Reality.

    Given this...One Dimensionality interconnectivity is not bound to linear time. Thus...where an Atom in my hand is relative to where an Atom in a key on my keyboard is by Universal Multidemensional determined by Time. One Dimentionaly...Time has no bearing upon this relation as both points of Universal position of both Atoms would be the same position.

    Now Matter cannot exist One Dimensionaly and it would seem that Matter cannot exist unless at the very least we are using 10 or 11 dimensional states and perhaps matter may not exist without a Multiversal System existing given the reality of what we know concerning Quantum Mechanics.

    Still...since we can deternine Gravitic Effect this shows us the ability for a Single Dimensional State to have association and interconnectivity to all greater numbers of Dimensional reality.

    Given this...might it be possible to effect the existence and reality of Matter as far as Universal position if such matter could be Geometrically effected by altering it's position by changing Dimensionality?

    We see such things happen to light or Photons when such things as Gravitic Lensing occur...and a very good example of this can be seen in Abell 1689 at a distance of 2.2 Billion Light Years and Abell 2218 at a distance of 3 Billion Light Years.

    Abell 1689 can be seen visably warping Space/Time and Abell 2218 resolves a Galaxy 13 Billion Light Years distant. In these cases it is Quantum Particle/Wave Forms being effected...Light or Photons. But since Matter is completely comprised of Quanta...should it not be possible to do the same with Matter?

    Split Infinity
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    Oct 22, 2008
    The problem with your idea is you can't think of objects like your finger or the keyboard as just solids that happen to have a few fields around them. As you have already pointed out, the fields are every bit as much of what a finger and a keyboard are all about as the particles are.

    Sure, if you could somehow rearrange the way the fields interact then what you're suggesting could work, but what you'd have after that might not be a finger or a keyboard anymore, since the fields are part of what they are.

    Besides, it has already been done. Read "The Disintegration Machine" by Arthur Conan Doyle! Just kidding.
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    Mar 3, 2013
    Good Book! LOL!
    You have brought up a valid point in that if one was able to change particle spin or perhaps be able to change the electron fields might change the very reality of the solid objects.

    So perhaps instead of changing the specifics of the Electron Orbital Fields...maybe we might be able to change the Quantum Vibrationary State of the Matter.

    All Matter has a very specific Quantum Vibrationary State. I believe if one were able to change the vibrationary state it might be possible to place Matter out of Phase from a Linear Time specific.

    This change of Quantum Vibration could have the ability to do everything from allowing a solid object to be passed through or even change the specific TIME that the object may be in.

    Split Infinity
  7. KL7AJ

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    Nov 4, 2008
    Relatively common phenomena such as electron tunneling show this is possible. Also, if you've seen the demonstration where you can pour liquid helium right through a sheet of aluminum foil, pretty well bear this out.

    What the typical representation of matter misrepresents is how much empty space most matter has inside it. If you took a hydrogen atom and expanded the proton to the size of a grapefruit, the electron would be like the head of a pin 3000 miles away! So, statistically, you should have a lot of matter passing through other matter! (Actually an electron has NO size, but it has a well-defined "personal space" which makes the proportions described above fairly accurate).

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    Mar 3, 2013
    Thank You for the example Eric. I had not thought about the liquid helium.

    The Grapefruit example is also a good one. Since it would be impractice to cool everything first before we attempted to move it through other would be necessary to figure out how to either realign the Electron Fields or place the existing matter into a Quantum State which would be out of phase with the other matter.

    I believe using Gravitic Space/Time manipulation would work but would require a very large amount of energy.

    Split Infinity