Help me identify dc power supply parts and design a schematic

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    Hey all, this is my first post since returning to this forum after many years, excited to hopefully be learning here consistently and working with electronics more often. I have a very basic knowledge of how electricity works and the function of basic components. As a knifemaker which is what i do as my main occupation i would like to build a variable dc power supply for anodizing titanium, and thats where i need your help. I hope to make a pretty exact copy of another homebrew power supply that ill picture below, and i know the most necessary components are the variac, capacitor, and bridge rectifier, but i need help identifying the other parts that were used, their purpose, and making a schematic so i can begin this build. I plan to use a variac 0-130v with 5amp max and need help deciding what ratings i need to look for as far as the bridge rectifier and capacitor goes as well as for the the other parts such as displays and fuses, not to mention i have no clue what those large green cylinders are. I thank you all in advance


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    You will also need to use an isolated Variac or a transformer to provide some electrical isolation, and a good earth ground for the chassis. Since you apparently are not familiar with the construction of this type of equipment you should seek local expertise in installing and checking the installation for electrical safety. Small errors can amount to great danger.

    What are you planning to use as an anodizing tank? (How large is it, of what kind of material is it made?)

    Do you know, and if so can you tell us, the typical current and operating voltages for a fully loaded tank?

    The large green things are high power resistors. Since you are designing for 5 amps maximum you can probably use much smaller resistors.
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    The big green things are Wire wound Resistors, probably used in series to limit the current output, you could use an heater element from and old electric fire,,,Can you draw a circuit diagram for it, if not take more pictures of the wiring...
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