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Old 04-10-2012, 01:52 PM
cpakk cpakk is offline
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Unhappy Home Wiring troubleshooting

Hi guys,
I live in India. Ac voltage here is 230V 50Hz single phase.
I had recently done wiring for my home for an sine wave inverter.
Inverter is installed and everything works.

I came across this weird problem after I got one of those led indicator spike guard (or extension sockets).

i got this Pinnacle spike guard (psg) today and was testing it. When connected to inverter power only it shows all ok.
When mains power came back, this is what i observed.

I had connected spike guard to ups. ups is connected to a) inverter line (through inverter) or b ) mains line (direct connection).

I had connected monitor and computer cable to the psg sockets and all switches on the psg were in off position. psg connected to ups which was off. ups connected to inverter line switch which was on.
I saw - All three lights were glowing a bit. Then i connected the ups plug to mains line and saw the same thing.

Next, i removed the plugged in comp and monitor from psg and surprise - only the ground led was glowing slightly (this is with ups button off). meaning ground is open (which is not true, because i recently had checked and rectified the wiring in my home)

touching the comp or monitor plug to socket gives same situation of all three lights being lit up (with ups still off). Putting the psg plug into mains without ups shows same behavior.

If ups is switched on, the 1st and 3rd led light up brightly whereas the 2nd led glows dimly.

I came to conclusion that this might be because, neutral is common throughout the house. so maybe some leakage current?
so it might be showing this type of behavior.

Also psg's internal circuits inside being messed up can be ruled out, because i didn't see this when mains power was not there (during load shedding).

The indicator led on the psg is given in this way: (Capital O = on)
O o O ----- all ok
o o O ----- neutral open
O o o ----- ground open
O O o ----- L & N reversed
O O O ----- L & N reversed & open
o O O ----- L & G reversed
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Old 04-11-2012, 11:50 AM
cpakk cpakk is offline
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Join Date: Apr 2012
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my previous wiring was according to diagram B in this thread. today i made it according to diagram A in the hope the fault goes away.

But no difference. i then checked from meter and saw that the wiring coming from meter is different compared to others meter.

seems like neutral and live is reversed in my meter.

Edit: what does Live & Neutral reversed and open mean? what should i search for exactly in my wiring to resolve this issue?
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