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Old 08-15-2010, 06:40 AM
lloydi12345 lloydi12345 is offline
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Default PIC16F84A winpic programming problem

Hello, it is my first time on programming a PIC and i would like to start from PIC16F84A. I used WINPIC and had an error "ERROR: Programming FAILED !" The codes turned red..

I copied this messages from the Messages tab:

Erasing ("bulk" or "chip") ...
Programming CODE, 0x000000..0x000011
Verify Error: 000000: read 000001, wanted 001683
Verify Error: 000001: read 000001, wanted 003000
Verify Error: 000002: read 000001, wanted 000086
Verify Error: 000003: read 000001, wanted 0030FF
Verify Error: 000004: read 000001, wanted 000085
Verify Error: 000005: read 000001, wanted 001283
Verify Error: 000006: read 000001, wanted 003000
Verify Error: 000007: read 000001, wanted 000086
Verify Error: 000008: read 000001, wanted 001805
Verify Error: 000009: read 000001, wanted 00280D
Verify Error: 00000A: read 000001, wanted 003001
Verify Error: 00000B: read 000001, wanted 000086
Verify Error: 00000C: read 000001, wanted 002808
Verify Error: 00000D: read 000001, wanted 001885
Verify Error: 00000E: read 000001, wanted 002808
Verify Error: 00000F: read 000001, wanted 003002
Verify Error: 000010: read 000001, wanted 000086
Programming aborted after 17 errors.
Suspicious: Buffer contains no data for the CONFIGURATION BITS.
Programming CONFIG-WORD

Can you help me how to program my PIC? I made my own PIC Programmer based from JDM Programmer but omitted the IC sockets. I am using the ICSP method. My PIC is placed on the breadboard and I'm just connecting the 4 wires from the programmer to its corresponding pin.

I am using the JDM programmer from this site:

These are the 6 wires I've used:

1- connected to MCLR pin of PIC16F84A
2- not used
3- connected to the ground (somewhere around the keyboard)
4- connected to RB7
5- connected to RB6
6- not used

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