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I would like to update on what I did on my PIC Programmer..

What i did is, in a breadboard I plugged my PIC 16F84A.

Here are the ICSP wires from the JDM programmer circuit board I made that is plugged at the CPU. The red LED and yellow LED turns on. (no sign of green LED)

1st Wire (MCLR) - I used a canon adapter which gives around 13-15v when measured on a multi tester. I connected the adapter's output voltage to the MCLR pin of the PIC16F84A using a jumper wire. I also connected at the same time the 1st wire of the ICSP wires on the same connection.

2nd Wire (VCC) - I used my cellphone charger which gives an 8v. I connected it on a 7808 voltage regulator. Its output then is 6.5v so I connected it again to another 7808 voltage regulator. Now I have 5v on its output. I connected the 5v to the 2nd wire of the ICSP wires.

3rd Wire (GND) - I connected the 3rd wire of the ICSP wires in the ground of my circuit in the breadboard.

4th Wire (PGD) - I connected the 4th wire to the RB7 Pin of PIC16F84A.

5th Wire (PGC) - I connected the 5th wire to the RB6 Pin of PIC16F84A.

6th Wire (GND) - I connected the 6th wire on the same line of the 3rd wire.

I hope you could get what I'm saying here. Do I also have to include a picture of all of this?

When I tested it on WINPIC. I loaded a .hex file on the PIC and here are the messages on Messages Tab.

Info: Loading definitions for "PIC16F84A" from devices.ini .
Info: PIC16F84A added and tested by FENG3
Couldn't find "devices\", please borrow/copy from MPLAB !
Failed read back of DATA line (HIGH) !
WARNING: Could not initialize programmer !
Testing: delay(500ms) took 0.50 seconds, timer_freq=2.6016 MHz ... ok
Erasing ("bulk" or "chip") ...
Programming CODE, 0x000000..0x00000D
Verify Error: 000000: read 000000, wanted 001683
Verify Error: 000001: read 000000, wanted 003000
Verify Error: 000002: read 000000, wanted 000086
Verify Error: 000003: read 000000, wanted 000085
Verify Error: 000004: read 000000, wanted 001283
Verify Error: 000005: read 000000, wanted 0030FF
Verify Error: 000006: read 000000, wanted 000085
Verify Error: 000007: read 000000, wanted 000086
Verify Error: 00000A: read 000000, wanted 003000
Verify Error: 00000B: read 000000, wanted 000085
Verify Error: 00000C: read 000000, wanted 000086
Verify Error: 00000D: read 000000, wanted 002805
Suspicious: Buffer contains no data for the CONFIGURATION BITS.
Programming CONFIG-WORD
Verify Error: 002007: read 000000, wanted 003FFF
ERROR: Programming FAILED !
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I tried also WinPic800. When I click "Hardware Test". It says Failed to open Ind.#0.

I think my computer wont detect my PIC.

Any additional advice for me? I really want to make my programmer work. I'm really working hard to make everything work because this is the start of our school project. We are not allowed to buy PIC programmers because we are required to present homemade PIC Programmer. I already spend 2 weeks figuring out how to solve the problem and I think one by one I'm moving closer on making it run. Anyway, this is still fun for me so I'm not giving up that easy.

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