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Originally Posted by debjit625 View Post
When making programmer first time allways try to make a parallel port based programmer,JDM programmers have different problems because they use computers serial port's power to power the programmer and some serial port doesnt provide that much power, like in some laptops have serial port but use very low power as they are battery operated so that will not work.On the other hand parallel port programmer have external power supply so they work properly.

Microchip provided pc based parrallel port programmer named as "AN589" you can search it on microchip's website

A AN589 based programmer from Oshonsoft

Good Luck
These are the 6 wires I've used:

1 (MCLR) - connected to MCLR pin of PIC16F84A
2 (VDD) - voltage supply
3 (GND) - connected to the ground (somewhere around the keyboard)
4 (PGD) - connected to RB7
5 (PGC) - connected to RB6
6 (GND) - connected to the ground (somewhere around the keyboard)

I hope you could see the schematic diagram included on the site to confirm if I've done the connections right.

The schematic is included on this link. Please do see it.

Hi, thanks for the reply,but I would insist to continue my JDM version programmer without the Parallel port because I don't have it on my cpu.

How about suggesting something that I can add? I have searched a lot from the internet additional circuits to add on my breadboard when programming my PIC.

1.Do i have to place resistors on rb6 and rb7 pins of my PIC?

2.Do I also have to add sort of a circuit like on the MCLR pin to have like 13v?

3.Do I also have to add external power supply of 5v for my programmer circuit board?
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