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I received your E-mail. Generally, if you have not received a reply to your thread in several days, simply make another reply at the end of your thread to bring it up in the list. The forums are not interactive; it may take awhile to receive a reply. However, if it's been several days, people have likely forgotten about it.

PIC uC's (microcontrollers) logic outputs can drive either TTL or CMOS if they are using the same voltage for Vcc/Vdd.

Page 120 of the document you linked to had nothing to say about pins 6 or 8. I could spend a lot of time wading around that document trying to dig out the particulars. Sorry, I simply don't have that much time.

If pins 6 and 8 are PWM outputs, you don't really need the 74HC14, you could probably use a 74HC04 - as long as the logic levels used by the destination are also 5v.

If the destination is using a different voltage for Vcc/Vdd, you may need to use a 74HC05 (open-collector/open-drain outputs) and pull-up resistors. The Dalf board, the 74HC04/05 and the destination board all need to have the same ground potential.
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