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Thanks SgtWookie,
I see your point and will break future posts into more manageable text.

The Dalf board actually uses a PIC microcontroller (PIC18F6772) it has two I/O pins 6 and 8 configured as outputs.
From the documentation I can't tell if it's 4000-CMOS or what and maybe since it's a PIC it doesn't apply. I did a search in the PDF for "RG3" which is part of the pin's names but still did not find what I would consider the exact info. your'e asking for.
I did find a description of the PWM pins as "Schmitt Trigger input with CMOS levels". But I would not ask anyone to wade through over 400 pages of text to find what we need. I would search more if I knew what else to look for.

Could the description "Schmitt Trigger input with CMOS levels" relate to the 74HC14 being a better choice as you suggested?
This is a PDF on the Dalf board see page 120, of particular interest is pins 6 and 8 on the left side of the PIC chip.

This is a short PDF of the IGBT driver

Sorry I don't have a schematic at this time but as far as wiring the Dalf board to the hex inverter and then to the IGBT driver not knowing any better I would run the PWM signal line to a input on the inverter then run the corresponding inverter output to the driver. tie unused inverter inputs to ground and supply 5VDC and ground from the Dalf board to the inverter. the Dalf board inverter and drive would have common grounds.
The IGBT would have an independent power supply.
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